Kurds Parties and Associations In Iraq 1921-1947/ Historical – Political Study

  • M.M. Kafi Salman Murad Al - Jadri University of Mustansiriya / college of Basic Education


      The Value of this Research comes from the importance of the Historical and political information of the parties and associations that embodied the struggle of Kurdish People in South Kurdistan (Iraq), In the Two phases Mandate and Independence.

     This Research has been divided into two sections  , The First section included the most important Kurdish Associations that have appeared in the city of Sulaymaniyah in the first stage of mandate which were founded by number of educated young people from the Aristocracy Kurdish and joined them some of students and public servant, Such as Ta'ali Kurdistan  association, Kurdistan association and The National Defence association  All in Sulaymaniyah between 1921-1924 and had noble Position whether claiming the Rights of Kurdish people Or claiming Mousl to join Iraq and stand against Turkish Demands in Mousl as well as claiming to liberate Iraq from the British control.

       The Kurd spolitical  activity dad not  stop but   continued between 1924-1939, when   it was declared the establish ment of number of associations that   made    Knowledge  and literature   interface for  political activities.

 Including AL-Irtqa   Club in 1930and the Society of Lawan (young  members), Darkh (woodcutter), and  the Association of Barayati (brothe rhood  ) . These association spreaded the Kurdish   literature and culture and sustain the  spirit  of Arab  brotherhood The Clain of  Kurdish national rights for   Kurdish people  for deciding Theire destiny. 

     While the second section shed light the most important stage of the partisan and political history of Kurdish people during World war II, This section also included the most important three Kurdish parties that had a huge role in the Kurdish  movement of national liberation, Such as Hiwa party (Hope), Shoresh Party ( Revolution), But this party didn't last.

     Shoresh and Hiwa Parties joined together under one party called Rizgari ( Salvation), Finally these three parties settled down by joining Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, To open a branch in Iraqi Kurdistan in 1946 by Selecting Mulla Mustafa Barazani as its President.

   As he wrote personal notes who lived through the events of this phase of the research and other important ones diary Sheikh Atta Talabani, and the papers full Jadraji and others. As the Iraqi sources, which  addressed the issue of the Kurdish parties, including the book associations and Kurdish parties to Abdul Sattar Taher Sharif, as well as the history of political parties in Iraq Iraqi Morg Abdul Razzaq al-Hassani as well as dozens of Arab and Arabized sources that enriched the research valuable information.

And conclude research conclusion included the most important findings of her study.

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