The Moroccan Support of The Palestinian issue (1947 -1974)

  • Dr. Noman Amro


The Moroccan diplomacy gave Palestine a significant importance, and they paid more attention to it since Islam entered Morocco by Otba Bin Nafeh in 670 A.C.. The importance of Palestine to the Moroccan diplomacy flows from the position of Jerusalem in Islam. The Moroccan diplomacy along with The other countries of the Arab world played a crucial role in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict because the Palestinian issue was a priority on the top of the agenda of the world diplomacy.  In this study , the researcher discusses the support the Moroccans gave to the Palestinian issue before and after independence. The Palestinian issue was only considered as an Arab issue, it was also considered as a national Moroccan issue adopted by both the people and the politicians. The Moroccan support reached its peak when the Moroccan diplomacy admitted P.L.O as the legitimate and the only representative of the Palestinians in 1974.

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