Interference in the Use of the Term (anaphora) - criticism and analysis

  • م. د. سلاف مـصطفى كامل AL-Iraqia Univesity/ department of Arabic language College of Education
Keywords: anaphora, cohesion, confusion, interference, reference


The mechanisms of contemporary interpretation deal with “anaphora” in general and look for the term of “anaphora” with a great interest in the framework of reception. Thus, defining the internal and external world of the text is considered a touchstone for the recipient to interpret the text. Accordingly, the term “anaphora” has acquired a wide range space of study in the field of textual linguistics which transfers from the limited scope of sentence into the wide range space of the text. Therefore, the need for the textual comparison and analysis have also emerged among the ancient expounders and rhetoricians .The terms of textology including “anaphora” have developed , but they have not been safe and secure of disorder of concepts and levels confusion. For this reason. It is a prerequisite to isolate some of these overlapping terms in independent researches which shed light on demarcation lines and concepts.

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