Anxiety of Belongingness in the Poetic Discourse of Al-Faytouri

  • أ.م.د.يسن إبراهيم بشير علي King Faisal University – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Keywords: Alienation, Anxiety of Belongingness, Al-Faytouri, Identity


            This research aims to study the anxiety of belongingness in the poet Mohammad Al-Faytouri and its impact on his poetry. This anxiety which has emerged early in the life of poet, and has deeply affected in his creativeness, and in the enrichment of his poetry experience in its different phases. In other word, this research tries to provide an answer to the important question which is the role of unnatural circumstances, such as moving and expatriation and distributed identity, in forming Al-Faytouri's creative thinking and its role in the richness and diversity of his experience.The research consists of an introduction and two sections, address the concept of belongingness, and the circumstances that arouse in Al-Faytouri until he became anxious that has emerged in his poetic creativity, and has contributed to highlight and detect multiple voices in his poetic discourse.

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بشير عليأ. (2020). Anxiety of Belongingness in the Poetic Discourse of Al-Faytouri. ALUSTATH JOURNAL FOR HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, 59(2), 81-96.