Syntactic Loans (Al-Taqaroth) in Ibn Kaysan’s Book Al-Muwafaqi in Syntax

  • أ.م.د. إسراء ياسين حسن College of Education and Natural Science / University of Charmo / Kurdistan Region of Iraq


The terms like loans, interchange, similarity, and like wise, do not only fall within the linguistic terms but they also include the syntactic categories. However, in syntax they are of limited number otherwise they are of wide use, because they are aspects of linguistic extension that includes connotation, double -faced meaning, homogeneity , resemblance , conformity, synonyms , antonyms, and the ability to form new words. Accordingly , In Kaysan has used the term  Al-Taqaroth

to exhibit his syntactic categories briefly and usefully .In his book, there are capacity and inclusion of those terms when others explained those terms in books. Ibn Keesan summarizes up to give us a useful and brief book in which we have similarity and exchange in the syntactic use. As well as he collects the syntactic categories by using brief illustrations and useful examples of the grammatical lessons.


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