About The Journal

Alustath Journal  is one of the first Iraqi university journals issued in 1952 from the college of Education Ibn Rushd for Humanities / University of Baghdad.

  1. It is a refereed and accredited Journal in the scientific promotions of Iraqi university professors and for the consolidation of scientific research.
  2. The journal Issued quarterly "with four numbers per year.
  3. The journal relies financially on self-financing by publishing research for a fee.
  4. The journal has rules and instructions for the publication of research.
  5. 10.The journal knows the publications and activities through the social networking site Face book: https://www.facebook.com/ostath.magala.
  6. Availability of the communication and correspondence service with the editor and the director to send the research to be published and answer the queries through the e-mail of the journal: [email protected]
  7. The journal is registered with in the engine of scientific researcher google scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=fr-agUQAAAAJ&hl=en_US.
  8. Journal of Deposit No. in the Library and Documents House (National Library): Baghdad No. 320 in 1980.
  9. International standard numbering of the journal :    E- ISSN ( Online) : 2518-9 263      P-ISSN 0552- 265X.
  10. All Research submitted for publication in the journal is subject to the ( Turintin Plagiarism ) program as of 2/5/2017.
  11. Two indexes were prepared for the Journal The first Index For the years (1952-2004), The second  for the years ( Index 2005-2009) and the third for the years (2010-2017) under preparation .
  12. The journal received a certificate of appreciation from the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research during the academic year 2000-2001 and the academic year 2013-2014.
  13. The management of the journal seeks to develop and renew continuously and show them a new suit from time to time to keep up with the requirements of the times and to live up to the level of international journals in terms of scientific publishing.


Aims and Scope

Alustath Journal aims To develop and enrich scientific thought through the promotion and dissemination of research and theoretical and applied studies, which are prepared with the pens and hands of Scientists and Thinkers specialized in scientific institutions and professors of Iraqi, Arab and international universities in all languages ​​besides the Arabic language and in order to serve the humanitarian competencies of the college (educational and psychological sciences, , Arabic, English, Kurdish, Islamic).

The Journal works to deepen the scientific origin of the research and studies published in it by presenting it to professors and experts from inside and outside the country in the field of competence to evaluate them scientifically and linguistically.


Open Access Policy

Alustath Journal is an open access journal, therefore there are no fees required for downloading any publication from the journal website by authors, readers, and institutions. The journal applies the license of CC BY (a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license). For more information please follow the link https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/.