Role of Media in Social Nurturing to Prevent Street Children Phenomenon A survey Study on University Students

  • م.د. فتح الله غازي إسماعيل الشيخ El Esraa University College
Keywords: Role, Media, Social Nurturing, Street Children


Media Channels, which do not restrictively transmit news, stories and information, have vitally contributed to activating the social nurturing process and forming the people’s conduct and aspirations. Being part of the mass media system,  they  have left their impact  of  guidance and awareness-raising of people on the society which they get connected with in order to form the public opinion. Accordingly, media channels are thought to be significant for the stability and development of the society. They have even taken into account the child since birth and procured all what is required of sensing, attending and focusing programs. They have also attended to all educational, pedagogical and entertaining  programs that enhance the parental care and evaluation of  the child behavior, ideas and stand changes. The researcher has used the descriptive program to survey (100) specimen of media audience who are specifically selected from the university students of the Mass Media Department, El-Esraa University College. A paper survey that deals with the widely-spread street children phenomenon in society  has been randomly distributed on specimen. The study concludes that due to upgraded technology, television has  gained more powerful weight on viewership, specially children. This is attributed to the active role TV plays in the social nurturing process. This is particularly seen in the programs that are made to send positive messages to children,  teaching them to maintain conduct, cultivate orientation and preclude them from bullying. The official TV, moreover, particularly via social series, helps in triggering social values, principles, habits, and norms. It also maintains family ties, familial security and social stability. On the other hand, other media tools do not pay considerable attention to this issue since they reside at the last position of the grading system.

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الشيخم. ف. ا. غ. (2019). Role of Media in Social Nurturing to Prevent Street Children Phenomenon A survey Study on University Students. ALUSTATH JOURNAL FOR HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, 58(4), 133-162.